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    Ryan Madaris

    This mansion was originally home to the Shorter family, and when Sherman came through Rome, GA on his devastating ‘March to the Sea’, he used this house as his headquarters for a short time. They spared this house, except for the marble baseboards, which they took. When the Shorter family moved back in, their daughter ripped the American flag the Federal troops had mounted on one of the columns, and the chunk in the wood where the flag had been is still here to this day.

    After all that, is there anything I could do to improve this photo? 😀


    Lydia Bennett

    That’s a really neat history!
    As far as improving the picture, this may just be my personal preference but I would like to see more color in the sky to provide more contrast between the house and the sky. Other than that, I like it!


    Dan Cope

    I like the way you have the tree framing it on the right! I think you could improve the overall composition by zooming out a little and including the bottom of the steps.


    Ryan Madaris

    @bennett-family, thank you, next time I’ll try to do that. @dan-cope, the reason why I didn’t zoom out was because there was a small sign at the bottom of the steps that said “shuttle”, and it would have cluttered the photo. Thanks, though!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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