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    James Staddon

    Ok folks! Here’s a link to the replay of last night’s webinar! Discussions surrounding the photos submitted for this assignment are between minutes 2:00 and 35:35.

    And for those of you not in “The Click“, here are some of the takeaways from the critique of the submissions for this assignment:

      • Choice of wardrobe plays an important role in the outcome of a photo
      • You know posing has been done right when you can’t tell it’s been posed
      • Expose for the areas in which you intend to retain detail
      • Sometimes a choice between two similar photos is best made by first impression
      • Include just enough to tell the story, nothing more, nothing less
      • Special effects are most effective when they direct more attention to the subject than to themselves
      • A viewer who has no questions to ask is looking at a picture that has given all the answers
      • Grass makes a great background!
      • Even the greatest of tools do not work on every job
      • Keep the symmetry going!
      • Shooting people? How is the light falling on the face?
      • Too bad cameras only take 2-dimensional photos….it’s up to us to help them out
      • How distinguishable is the subject from the background?
      • And more!

    The next webinar will be held on October 9. Sign up for it early at:

    James Staddon

    Good news, guys! @bensharpeningcharacter said that he would be available to continue posting assignments for us while he’s away! They wouldn’t be as intense or involved as the VersePics, but it would allow us some more freedom in what pictures we use. It would work something like this:

    1. Ben will choose a verse and post it here on STS
    2. Lenspirationer’s can come up with their own photo ideas and design the verse on it (not a VP, just a regular 16:9 desktop wallpaper)
    3. Ben will act as a judge/host over the submissions, giving helpful tips and picking a winner

    Winners would receive no compensation. It would just be for fun! If I happen to really like one though, I might ask to use it for the monthly Latest from Lenspiration updates wallpaper. 🙂 We’ll see! And thank you @bensharpeningcharacter for making time for us while you’re away!

    Benjamin Holmes

    Hello again everyone!

    I apologize for my delay in finishing up this VPO. Things have been crazy over here, and I’m finally getting a chance to sit down and write this!

    Congratulations, Caitlin! Your close up photo of the two boys in plaid shirts holding a Bible and pointing to a verse (to be more specific, 20180831-Caitlin Compton-9501) was chosen to be the background of this VP! I wish I could show you all the final product right now, but unfortunately, it isn’t done yet. I’m looking forward to finishing it, though!

    I chose Caitlin’s photo because of four things:

      1. There weren’t many unnecessary details. I appreciated that the focus of the shot is upon the action of pointing to the Bible, not on the people’s faces, the background, or anything else really. There’s a simplicity to the photo that I appreciated.
      2. The Bible was clearly important in the photo. The size, focus, and action of pointing to the Bible in the photo all give the sense that you should pay attention to it, which is certainly an aspect of the verse I wanted to emphasize.
      3. The blue and red plaid shirts have an interesting contrast. Blue and red are opposites, so it was great to see how they work together in this photo to create interest without being distracting. In most cases, the colors will fight each other for your attention, but because of the way the shirts were made, the colors don’t fight nearly as much and instead create an interesting dynamic.
      4. The person pointing out a passage to a friend. In my mind, of the greatest ways that a man (or woman) can sharpen his friend like Proverbs 27:17 tells us is by challenging and encouraging (to use Biblical words, edifying and exhorting) him to live according to God’s Word. The photo captures that in a way as the boy takes his friend to God’s Word and shows him what it says.

    Congratulations again Caitlin, and thank you to all of you who submitted! We appreciate your support!

    Sharpening Character’s VersePic Director

    James Staddon

    Ah! What did I say in the webinar about color contrasts in those shots?! 😉 I guess the plaid aspect does help the colors not feel overpowering.

    Ben’s comment about “the photo captures that in a way as the boy takes his friend to God’s Word and shows him what it says”, reminds me of a story!

    I was driving with a friend up to the Northwoods Conference last month. We arrived at a friend of my friend’s house, and jumped into his car. While my friend’s friend was driving, my friend asked him a question. Within a few minutes my friend’s friend was flipping through the Bible looking up Scriptures to explain his answer….while he was driving! It was a fantastic memory of “iron sharpening iron” and I don’t think I’ll ever forget it because I was so scared that he was going to drive right off the road! Though it was exactly the assignment for that month, I didn’t feel like I wanted to take pictures of it because it wasn’t exactly the safest thing to do. 🙂 I’ll keep my friend and my friend’s friend’s names anonymous, but hearing Ben’s comments made me think of it and I couldn’t help but share it! It was an example to me of my friend’s friend’s contagious enthusiasm for the Scriptures.

Viewing 4 posts - 31 through 34 (of 34 total)

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