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    Silas Woodward

    last night there was a lunar eclipse and so I took some pictures and was wondering what you thought about one of them

    camera – canon t3i
    Aperture – f/11
    Shutter Speed – 2.5 sec
    ISO – 800
    Focal Length – 300mm

    I did remove some noise in photoshop but that is it

    James Staddon

    Wow, that is so red! In general, because the moon is moving, I think 2.5sec for a shutter speed is a little long for maximum sharpness. I’ve heard some folks say 1/125sec is standard, but I understand that probably wouldn’t work for you here. I’d try to get the shutter speed fast than 2.5sec though, maybe my bringing my aperture down to 5.6 or something.

    Silas Woodward

    ok thanks @jamesstaddon
    when I searched online on how to photography a lunar eclipse it said to use a Shutter Speed of 25 sec but when I took the pic at that speed it was horrible so I went back to the site then thought that maybe there was a tipo so I used a Shutter Speed of 2.5
    so maybe there was another tipo
    any way thanks for the info🙂😀

    Ryan Madaris

    Silas, great job! I would have used a quicker shutter speed, and a wider aperture, but other than that, awesome job!


    That’s interesting that your picture turned out blurry. I took a similar shot with an exposure of 3 sec, iso 400, and f/7.1. it still seemed to turn out pretty clear. perhaps there was some tripod shake? if you tripped the shutter without a remote, that may have been part of it. here is the shot I got.


    hhmmmm……I cant seem to upload the photo. bad internet. 🙂

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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