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    James Staddon

    Publisher: Calvary Baptist Church (USA) & Scripture Baptist Church (Europe)
    Purpose: We are creating a 2022 Scripture Calendar in an European language with a theme of “The Word of God”. Around 3,500 of the 2020 Calendars were distributed in 2019, and we are hoping to distribute that amount or more each coming year!
    Request: A beautiful, calendar-worthy picture that reflects the truths of Psalm 12:6 “The words of the LORD are pure words: as silver tried in a furnace of earth, purified seven times.”
    Special Instructions:
    a) The picture should have enough “empty”, uncluttered space in it so we can clearly put the words of the verse on the picture somewhere.
    b) Though we would like the picture to complement or illustrate the Bible verse as much as possible, keep in mind that our previous calendars have used mostly nature scenes. We don’t want too radical of a move away from natural beauty such that people dislike the new calendar.
    c) Ideas for artistically illustrating this in the world of nature: icicles, clear reflection on a lake, clean looking waterfalls, etc.
    d) Feel free to try illustrating pure silver literally somehow. It would be very difficult, but totally awesome to capture a scene with silver being purified in a clay furnace as it was back around 1000 B. C.
    Orientation: Horizontal; photo will be used at roughly a 2:3 ratio.
    Photo Specs:Highest quality possible. It can not be smaller than 2500px longest edge. Edit however you like. No watermarks.
    How to Submit:
    1) Edit your Original photos (in a way that will give the publisher a good first impression)
    2) Upload the highest resolution Edited photos, without watermarks, to this link (if you use Lightroom, export as DNG to upload)
    3) Create Small versions of the Edited photos (saving them as less than 8MB in size)
    4) Attach Small versions in reply to this topic (so we can all see and appreciate your work!)
    Remuneration: Photos will be delivered to the ministry at no cost to them. However, thanks to the generosity of an anonymous donor, Lenspiration members will be paid $27 if their photo is chosen!
    Terms: By submitting your photo(s) on this forum, you agree to the terms outlined in the STS Photo Assignment Agreement. The ministry would like to be able to use the pictures for other ministry purposes as well, including use in tracts or books, though they have no immediate plans for that yet. They can not guarantee that they will be able credit the photographer or Lenspiration, since they don’t generally do that on the evangelistic or tract-like material they create.
    Deadline: Midnight Saturday, February 29, 2020 (or until this topic is no longer highlighted yellow).

    Watch how I shot this assignment and get related training on how to shoot it yourself at When What You’re Looking For Doesn’t Exist!

    Watch the photos submitted for this assignment get critiqued live by registering for the March 3 Photo Critique Webinar!

    Shoot and/or Submit

    James Staddon

    Here’s the photo I took for this assignment!

    Frazer Family

    I saw the title: Pure.
    We just had 15 inches of snow, so that’s all I had for subjects.
    I thought, “This is just too easy.”

    Eliana Franzenburg

    Here are my submissions!

    I saw the “The words of the LORD are pure words: as silver tried in a furnace of earth, purified seven times.”
    so why not try to portray the words of the lord quite literally with the bible! I added the cross to get the silver part of the verse as well. (I may or may not have gotten some inspiration from @jamesstaddon 😉

    James Staddon

    @frazer-family wow! 15in? I just love the textures and simplicity of each shot! Would you have happened to take any shots when the sun was out, or did it stay cloudy until the snow looked ugly like it did here, when we got our whopping 4in? 🙂

    James Staddon

    @elianafranzenburg beautiful shots! Yeah, I don’t know why I didn’t think of putting “God’s Word” in my photo. Great idea. Also liked how you have slightly different lighting, to give a couple options. Focus us just right in the flower shot; really like that idea! Never would have thought of it. And the water drops are so perfectly clear, that really does illustrate the idea of pure superbly! Would you have happened to take shots of the flower and water drops with the subjects not being quite so far off to the side? I’m thinking it’s going to be going in a calendar where people will be looking at it for a month, and there doesn’t need to be that much space for the verse. If you do, upload the original files to the Dropbox link so I can let the missionaries know what options they have in terms of cropping.

    Frazer Family

    @James, thanks for the idea of shooting while the sun’s out! Yes, it was overcast and snowing hard most of the time I was shooting.
    Today happened to be one of those rare sunny days of winter, so I tried again.
    Unfortunately, the snow isn’t quite so nice by now. The delicate texture of the snowflakes, so visible before, has been sanded down to smoothness by the wind.

    Eliana Franzenburg

    Yeah @jamesstaddon I have another angle for the water drops but all I have for the flowers are where they fill the whole frame. I’ll upload them just so they can see the options.

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