A New Ebook On Family Photography!

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For the past few months I’ve been working with JessiLise Studios to put together a new ebook, 30 Tips for Perfect Family Photos!

Here’s the index:

30 Family Photo Tips (preview)2

Family portraiture isn’t typically a common a subject for photography training material, so I hope it helps to “fill the gap” a bit when it hits the Lenspiration Store!

For now, 15 of the tips are available to download for free for PRO members at www.lenspiration.com/proposing

Each tip, overflowing with beautiful examples, is sweet and simple yet practical and clearly mined from a quarry of personal experience. These are the things anyone should know before jumping into family portraiture, and tips that can be applied immediately!

Here’s a sample:

Tip #12: Use Props

I love props.  I have a bag full of “fun” that I carry with me, including large letters that spell “LOVE” and “FAMILY,” and a big “&.” The ampersand works well for engagement pictures. “LOVE” and “FAMILY” are good for just about anything.

30 Family Photo Tips (preview)152

I’ve also had fun using just one of these letters when the family’s last name uses one of them, as is the case with the “O” family.

30 Family Photo Tips (preview)15

Other props that I have include:

  • Chalkboards (don’t forget to pack the chalk and a small cloth to clean the board, too!). It is fast and easy to write a simple, meaningful message on a chalkboard for the family members to hold, or to set in the foreground of the image with the family out of focus behind.
  • Galvanized tubs. These are excellent because they create a rustic look, and are extremely practical for getting varying heights. Sit, stand, or kneel on them…the tub makes a great prop.
  • Wooden frame. This is fun to incorporate into family pictures to create emphasis and variety.

30 Family Photo Tips (preview)153

This is the sort of material PRO members receive on a month by month basis. It’s just part of the membership. Learn more about the monthly Special PRO Features and the other aspects of the PRO Membership here.


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