Reply To: Calvinistic Colours

I don’t often try to take photos with my phone camera. Perhaps that’s because it’s not an iPhone. 🙂 Yes, the powerlines in the first one are distracting, and it would be worth your while to edit those out. However, the house in the background almost brings a cultural aspect to the image. Like, it... Read More »

Reply To: Canada's Parliament Buildings

I like this perspective of the buildings. The only perspective I’ve had the privilege of seeing is from the other side. Didn’t know it looked like this in the “back yard”. Is this shot from the road? This shot looks more like a painting than it does a photograph. Though you’ve done an... Read More »

Reply To: First Frost

Frost has “caught” me many times too. 🙂 In the holly leaf image, I would like to see the stem of the leaves . . . like you do in the second image, of the brown fragile leaf. I like that brown fragile leaf because it makes me feel like the leaf is just about to fall off. Like the next whisper of wind would... Read More »

Reply To: Wedding steps

The dress appears to be washed out. It’s solid white with no detail. It’s a posing thing, and I’m not much for posing people, but I think it strange that the groom is just standing there during this special moment. His left arm affectionately placed on her right arm would do wonders. I would have... Read More »

Reply To: Heart Around the Sun

Thank you so much! No, it wasn’t. Yes, I was so surprised how the flash turned out, I usually don’t like using fill flash since it tends to wash out detail. I know, the comp is driving me crazy! Every time I see it it makes me frustrated. Thanks again! Read More »

Reply To: Heart Around the Sun

Very creative. Peaceful and complete. It has the appearance of being an unprocessed RAW file. Was it shot in RAW format? If not, it probably has this illusion because of the fill flash. In this situation, the fill flash is great (albeit slightly overdone), but it means a little contrast needs to be added to the image... Read More »

Wedding steps

Wedding steps
O/K: I promised my daughter I would leave the camera a home on her wedding day (we left the photography up to a professional who knows what he is doing). However; I did take one shot with my cell phone. This is the cell phone shot with all edits done in the phone using the Pixler android app with an antique border... Read More »

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