Hi Y’all! Here is a picture I took recently of my sisters violin music at 55mm. Some settings were: ISO – 400 f/5.6 Shutter Speed – 1/20 Any thoughts? 🙂 Read More »

Scouting Guide Submissions

Add New Scouting Guide Locations! Have some cool locations to share? Submit the form below to add these special places to the Scouting Guide. Name of Location*Precise GPS Coordinates*Please be precise. Either provide the coordinates of the subject (ie. covered bridge) or the coordinates of a location that can be... Read More »

7 Best Practices for Photographing Steam (Exclusive)

  If you’re like me, “steam” is just one of those subjects you have never thought of trying to capture before. So, when someone asked me how to photograph it, I figured I had better learn how to do it! This video is a rundown of the 7 valuable discoveries I made on my first experiment with... Read More »

Reply To: Azaleas at Dolly Sods

The pictures I tried to insert were uploaded to It’s better just to host them on Lenspiration, they’re already there, you just have to link them together. 🙂 You’ll need 2 tabs open in your browser, one with your post open normally as someone would view it on, the... Read More »

Reply To: Azaleas at Dolly Sods

Thanks for the comments! The picture are definitely edited but I wouldn’t say they are “heavily” edited. The path definitely has potential, but the reason I didn’t spend much time working with it was because I was focused mainly on finding a composition that showcased the Azaleas. Sometime... Read More »

Reply To: a duck in the park

Hi Abby, I just noticed what you said! Can you still not get in? The link worked for me. 🙂 You just have to make sure that you’re logged in to Lenspiration. I had a problem with it originally too. Then when I logged in it was fine. Don’t know if that will work for... Read More »

Reply To: What's your recommended Nikon FX camera?

Wow, a lot to talk about there in those 4 initial questions! 1. Do you see a difference using full frame vs. crop sensor? The MAIN reason I shoot full frame (and will probably never return to a cropped sensor) is because wide angle is truly wide angle. When I’m shooting at 17mm, it’s truly 17mm, not 27mm.... Read More »

Lone Tree

How could I have taken this picture better? Focal length: 20mm Aperture: f/25 Shutter speed: 1/30s ISO: 400 Read More »

a duck in the park

I got this cute picture of a duck in the park last week. my brother named her Suzy. 🙂 I was surprized how close I was able to get! cannon rebel t5i ISO 125 55mm f/6.3 1/80 sec Read More »

Reply To: Sunset Experiment

Will definitely have to experiment with cloning the lens flair. Although I don’t have GIMP, I have Adobe Photoshop Lightroom, which you can clone things there too! That’s a good idea with the animals. We just have one horse, and she’s not the most cooperative, specially around sunset, because... Read More »

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