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@blessingscaptured, I think I could see what you mean… it would get “squashed” and blurred at the edges (the blurring at the edges could be fixed with a smaller aperture like f/8)… you could try maybe just a tad lower, or try shooting with a shorter focal length (aka zoom out) and getting... Read More »

Reply To: Pure and Clean (ends March 10)

Reply To: Pure and Clean (ends March 10)
Hi, @Sarah and @ryan, Actually, It took me about 6 months to get that particular picture with trial and error. It wasn’t a quick take!! Here is a pictures of the set up, and BTW, I did not have the lap top on when I took it!! 🙂 I’ll try to tell you all the settings. Taken in manual The lens I believe was... Read More »

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@Nathanael & Smantha Frazer I had the filter and used it on a trip to Alaska, and forgot to take it off. But when I realized I had it on, I did take it off and shot the moon some more without it. But I felt like the images looked slightly better with the filter on. @Ryan Madaris Some tree silhouettes definitely... Read More »

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Thanks @LoganLamer. I see what you mean with the horizontal shot. I’ll have to experiment with getting lower as well. Sometimes I’ve found if I get to low the “main button” doesn’t seem to stand out as much. Read More »

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How do you guys find Raw Therapee’s cataloguing system as related to LR’s? I have briefly tried DarkTable and was seriously unimpressed. RT’s name is so cheesy it’s so hard to take seriously I’ve not even tried it yet. I may though someday. I will probably go to C1P someday, I have had... Read More »

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Very nice quote! One thing you should be careful of is to make sure that your text is aligned well horizontally. For example, the words “But one cannot” are not aligned. As it is right now, the eye has a hard time quickly knowing where to go. Also, I would suggest moving “Amy Carmichael” over... Read More »

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