Reply To: Niagara Falls at Night

Very cool! I have never been to the Niagara Falls, but it looks very, very cool! I’m not exactly sure how, but it would be nice if the bush wasn’t hindering the view of the falls. You might have tried shooting from a lower angle, but it might not have been possible. The extreme red looks kinda cool, but... Read More »

Behind the Shot: Castle Crags

Behind the Shot: Castle Crags
Castle Crags Wilderness in the shadow of Mt. Shasta in northern California is a pretty amazing place! But even with epic surroundings, I still have to put thought into how I compose my shots (among other factors) so they’ll still look epic when I view them later on my computer at home. This was my first vantage point... Read More »

Reply To: Lightroom – again

I bought Lightroom 6 a while back and definitely think it is the way to go. As of now, I would see Photoshop as being nearly useless to me, as I have GIMP for things that Lightroom can’t do. (stacking, etc…) And I would tend to think that Lightroom will be good enough to edit pictures for years, so... Read More »

Lightroom – again

After even the least research, it appears that Lightroom (Lr) is the way to go for the kind of photo editing many of us do. Yet, the nagging question many face is whether to purchase the single download/packaged disc (~$142 one time), or the Creative Cloud (CC) version which is the monthly subscription service... Read More »

Car Photography

Car Photography
Hey Y’all! On the way to a wonderful mission trip to Mexico, I had the opportunity to shoot some stuff on the way over! Here is the best one. The settings were: ISO – 100 55mm f/5.6 Shutter Speed – 1/200 Read More »

Reply To: church

This picture was so much fun to edit! I share a my thoughts on shooting from the car window too in the video below starting at minute 11:08 if you’d like to re-watch it: Read More »

Reply To: German Shepherd Puppy

Dappled light is always difficult. Glad you were on the webinar and able to use Live Chat to followup on my initial thoughts….you can watch the replay below, starting at minute 28:03: Read More »

Reply To: Logan's Beach Lookout

That looks like such an amazing place! Here’s my thoughts in the replay of the Critique webinar on how I would edit it to make the gradient more realistic and how I would compose it differently (starting at minute 47:12:  ... Read More »

Reply To: Vicksburg Canon

Glad you got this picture submitted in time even though you were busy with travel. It worked to critique because it was just the 6th image and it didn’t take too long. You can watch a replay of the critique at minute 56:28 of this video:  ... Read More »

Problems with seeing pics on computer

I am experiencing trouble being able to see pictures I have downloaded onto my laptop. I believe I was shooting in RAW Format and the files extension is .CR2 instead of .JPG. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to fix this problem and/or how to avoid this from happening again?... Read More »

Reply To: Solar eclipse

Please allow me to refine my statement about the path of the eclipse. It appears that Knoxville may be just outside the prime viewing area by about 10 miles. So, heading further south from there, a minimum of 10 miles, should give a better view. For more accurate information from NASA, go to the following site:... Read More »

11 Tips From My Photography Trip To California

11 Tips From My Photography Trip To California
You might say it was cheating on the last trip … It was to California, a true vacation of backpacking, hammocking, pristine wilderness, alpine vistas, epic sunsets, snow-capped mountain…yeah, who needs to be a pro to get awesome pictures with surroundings like that? (Of course, I disagree with that reasoning, but now... Read More »

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