How to Watch Tuesday’s Photo Critique Webinar for Free!

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Every month, as PRO members learn photography one step at a time working through the Roadmap and fulfilling their shooting assignments, they have the opportunity to submit their photos to be critiqued during the monthly Photo Critique webinars. Outsiders can listen in and participate if they want to for $19, but normally, it’s just the PRO members and I since the webinars are complementary for them.

Well, for this Tuesday’s webinar, which begins at 7pm ET, I thought it would be nice to make a way for it to be complementary for outsiders too . . .

7-27-17 LINK

If you’d like to listen in for free (like, save $19), here’s what you’ll need to do:

  1. Go to
  2. Subscribe to email updates, making sure to check the “Upcoming Live Webinars” box!
  3. I’ll email you a free registration link 12 hours before the webinar starts (so be sure to check your email at 7am Tuesday morning!)

And if you check “New Blog Posts” too, you’ll be more likely to stay in the loop about more freebies like this in the future.

And that’s it!

A note to Lenspiration FREE Member or those who have already subscribed to Lenspiration emails in the past: you can follow the three steps described above without any problem. It will simply update your current email preferences.

So, hope you’ll enjoy the webinar as much as the PRO members and I!

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