How to Prepare for Your Very First Big Event Photography Gig

by | Mar 13, 2017 | Tips & Tricks | 0 comments

Here’s a 5min highlight from Saturday’s Photography Q&A webinar!

q&a 14


The other 55 minutes were also packed with helpful tips dealing with . . .

  • how to get started organizing and editing your pictures in Photoshop Elements 15,
  • what makes Elements different from the regular Photoshop CC software,
  • how to photograph the silky water effect even when it’s bright and sunny outdoors,
  • really understand how Exposure Compensation works,
  • how to make sure your action shots are always clear and tack sharp,
  • how to make the backgrounds of your pictures always nice and blurry,
  • and lots of studio posing tips from photographing the family portraits at the recent FEW Conference!

These monthly webinars are not something you’ll want to miss!

And they are not PRO exclusive any longer either! Follow Lenspiration on Facebook or sign up for Lenspiration Updates to stay in the loop when the next webinar will be held.


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