Keeping Things From Caving In

by | Jan 19, 2013 | Perspective, Updates & Opportunities | 0 comments

January’s the time for planning!

It’s the time to evaluate the lessons I’ve learned from last year’s successes and mistakes. It’s the time to set long-range goals to keep me from making “short-range” decisions. It’s the time to stake boundaries and search out new horizons.

Though it’s not second nature for me to plan, I really need it because it frees up my mind from that dreaded mindset of thinking that everything has to be done now. When I’m under this pressure, I get so overwhelmed that I usually end up doing nothing. And  when I do nothing, everything just caves in!

3100_Salem-West Virginia-USA_Canon EOS 40D, 18 mm, 1-250 sec at f - 8.0, ISO 100

So, to keep this from happening, I’m learning to seek the Lord and take the time to think ahead, think before making promises, and think from a higher perspective! Without counsel purposes are disappointed: but in the multitude of counselors they are established.


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