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I’m excited to announce the third and final 2013 Lenspiration photography workshop: CAPTURE Kansas! Nevermind the obstacles—flat prairie, torrential rain, desolate drought, unceasing wind, forsaken flatness—it makes no difference to a landscape photographer! In fact, it makes it the prefect environment for driving home the importance of strategic planning, deliberate scouting, and calculated timing.

And yet, we’ll go far beyond just the technical side of photography planning, technique, composition, and lighting. God wants learning photography to be wholesome; it should be Biblically based as well as practical. What convictions should a Christian have in art? How do I use my camera as a practical tool for evangelism? How do I use my photography to help me love God with all of my heart?

While exploring Biblical principles in art and catching a vision for what it means to stand alone, explore the "why" behind beautiful shots and begin turning snapshots into the “wow” pictures at CAPTURE Kansas, October 16-19. See you there!


Eventbrite - Lenspiration CAPTURE Kansas photography workshop

This was one picturesque tree. It was almost totally yellow. It was enjoyable trying to get the unique perspective and the glisting sun.


  1. Elizabeth

    Do you teach photography?
    As much as I love it and want to share how I see our Lords creations with others…I don’t think I am advanced enough to participate in the Lenspiration workshop.

    I’ve tried local community colleges and classes.
    But they are far from godly and a waste of my husbands hard earned money.

    Thank you for sharing your talent with the world. The Alaska photos are truly amazing and inspirational. You have captured something so many want to see but may not be able to.


    • James Staddon

      Yes! I love to teach photography. The CAPTURE workshops are designed for photographers on an intermediate level, but if you don’t mind having a few things go over your head during group discussions, the workshops allow a lot of personal one-on-one instruction during shooting times in the field. I purposely set up the workshops in this way so that each attendee can take the next step regardless of what level they are at.


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