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Tomorrow kicks off the first Family Conference of the year in Big Sandy, Texas!

9874_Big Sandy-Texas-USA_Canon EOS 5D Mark II, 45 mm, 1-20 sec at f - 4.0, ISO 2500

It’s going to be a great event to cover. And I’ve been having a great time preparing for it!

This year, because the photography team is so large, about twice as many as last year, we’ll be splitting up into two groups: the Beginners will be taking the time to learn photography concepts from the ground up while the Beyond Beginners will fine tune their photography skills specifically in the area of photojournalism as they shoulder the responsibility of covering the Conference.

To help each level grow or know what to shoot during the hands-on shooting times during the Conference, I put together some assignment lists. Let me share two of them with you here. The one for the Beginners can be used by practically anyone looking for a good list of self-guided assignments. The one for the Beyond Beginners is definitely more specific to the Family Conferences, but may work as a starting point for anyone seeking to cover a similar event.

Beginners “scavenger hunt” Assignment List

Assignment Lists3


Beyond Beginners “scavenger hunt” Assignment List

Assignment Lists4

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