What Camera Would You Bring?

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Directly after the photography Mission Trip with Lenspiration a few weeks ago, the opportunity came up to go sea kayaking with some friends in San Diego. If you had the opportunity to go sea kayaking, what camera would you bring along with you?

Sea kayaking

I have brought my DSLR out on the water many times before. It’s definitely a risk, but if you’re careful and responsible, and going with careful and responsible people, I’ve not yet experienced any major problems. In fact, the shot below was taken during a photography workshop where everyone in our canoe envoy brought a camera along with them.

7533_Canon EOS 40D, 55 mm, 1-500 sec at f - 3.5, ISO 800

But sea kayaking is a different story. The ocean is a whole lot more rough than lakes or the typical river. And not only are waves and spray a constant hazard, the ocean is salt water! The entire environment is completely hostile to anything electronic. So does that mean I should just give up any idea of taking pictures during very unique excursions if they involve sea water? Perhaps most folks would. But I couldn’t bare the thought of letting such a unique opportunity pass un-photographed. Would you pass up this opportunity? If not, what camera would you bring?


I have posed a very simple question. But it’s a great question for starting discussion! It’s not complicated or sophisticated, but it’s great because it opens the door for talking about a whole slew of photography related topics that will eventually, if not already, apply to you: DSLR dry bags, waterproof cameras, cell phone cases, working with equipment around water, how to deal with salt water, etc. Who knows, it could bring up topics you never even knew existed, or reveal tips and ideas that could help you begin capturing events that you would not have otherwise considered capturing!

The value of a question isn’t in how deep it is, it’s in how deep the answer is. And that’s why I started the Critique and Q&A webinars as part of the PRO Membership. The blog and the FREE forums don’t let me go deep enough. On a webinar, I’m free to take the necessary time to research ahead of time, present a structured answer and, most importantly, get your immediate feedback to make sure it’s actually helping you take the next step.

20160511_180550 edited

Whether we actually talk about what camera to use during sea-water events in the next webinar . . . I don’t know. It depends on if any of the PRO Members ask about it. The idea behind the webinars is to go deep with the questions that the PRO Members ask. But if there happens to be any extra time, you know what I’ll be talking about. 🙂

Click here to learn more about the PRO Membership and the next webinar on June 4.


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