The Photography Team That Kept Growing!

by | Jul 11, 2016 | Stories & Expeditions | 6 comments


One photography instructor, praying for the Sacramento Photography Team new;
One photographer signs up early—how exciting that there are two!


Two photographers waiting, hoping for more sign-ups to see;
A regular registration comes in—all are glad that there are now three!


Three photographers hoping, registration open for just one week more;
A fourth photographer signs up last minute—we hold our breath, there are only four!


Four photographers, almost canceled, not enough folks for hosting live;
When a last minute request comes in—so grateful that there are five!


Five photographers assembled, on Tuesday for orientation, tips and tricks;
Someone pokes their head in the door—before you know it, there are six!


Six photographers happy, amazed at the amount signed in;
The sixth photographer’s friend wants to learn too—making a total of seven!


Seven photographers gathered, for devotions the next morning at 8:00;
A new registrant walks in the door—we can hardly believe there are eight!


Eight photographers thankful, praising God for a large group so fine;
A helper from COMMIT can’t help but join the team—making a whopping grand total of nine!


A team of nine photographers strong, excited to be learning and shooting;
I’ve never seen a Photography Team quite like this—one that just kept right on growing!


Looking forward to God putting together the final Photography Team of the year in Green Lake, Wisconsin, August 30–September 2!

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  1. Virginia Jenkins

    Looks like you had fun! I missed being there very much this year! I was thinking and praying for the photography team over the week. God is faithful And makes all things work together for good!

    • James Staddon

      I missed seeing you guys in Sacramento this year, Virginia! Hope all is well.

      And Amen to that, Joyce!

  2. Joyce Lu

    Thank you for coming to Sacramento, despite the amount of people originally registered. It’s always amazing to see how God answers prayers above all that we ask or think!

  3. Mom

    How exciting how God worked things out to make the trip worth it!

  4. Dotti

    I love the picture with the shadows of people!


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