Why I’m Headed to Georgia

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Most of my summer travels had been planned out before March.

A Photography Team in Texas in July. Another one in Michigan in late August. A wedding shoot soon after, but maybe some Photography Field Days in between in random places throughout the Midwest?


Historically, attendance at Texas Photography Teams have been pretty high

Then July rolled around, and all of that changed.

There were no registrations for the Photography Teams. Interest was minimal for the Photography Field Days. Plus, my brother set a date for his wedding in mid August. In Quebec. And that’s not exactly the Midwest.

So, the logical response?

Close registration for the Photography Teams early, postpone any plans that had been made for Field Days, and enjoy shooting some weddings!

And these changes were implemented remarkably smoothly.

I’m still itching to do Field Days along the Buffalo River and out on the Nebraska prairie, but in light of the bigger picture, it’s just better to wait.

And so, I enjoyed a productive and relatively relaxed summer in West Virginia settling into the new office.

And then I got a call. Somehow, two folks had signed up for the Michigan Photography Team. Yes, online registration had closed, but we hadn’t counted on there being any mail-in registrations.

I was obliged to go to Michigan now.


“Who are the folks that signed up?”

“The Cochran siblings.”

“Oh! I know them! From Georgia, right?”

Long story short, I’m headed to the Cochran’s for a photography workshop!

And at just the perfect time of year too! November 1-2, believe it or not, is peak fall colors in north Georgia.


Instead of talking about event photography only, this is going to be a full fledged CAPTURE workshop! I’ve not explored this corner of the map, but the Cochran’s have, and I’ve listed the different places we’ll look into exploring on the workshop page, Autumn in Georgia.

And while I’m at it I might as well mention, for all you folks who live too far north to come down to Georgia, I’ll be doing a Field Day in Connecticut just a couple weeks earlier thanks to the Bennett Family. Autumn in Connecticut. That’s going to be gorgeous too!

Field Day - Autumn in Connecticut

Like I said, I’ve not explored these areas much so I won’t be as familiar with our shooting locations beforehand as  I normally would be, but perhaps it’s better that way, so folks can gain the experience of watching me walk through the process of choosing good locations, scouting them, and actually pulling out the best from those locations in real-time.

And these workshops are not about nature and landscape photography only!

Bring your questions. We’re already planning some time for astrophotography. We can throw in topics such as flash photography, portrait photography in natural light, post processing, editing workflow, etc. We’ve got one solid day in Connecticut and two full days in Georgia. Lord willing we will have peak color in both locations (according to this amazing map!) and there’s no end to the things we can do!

So, that’s why I’m headed to Georgia.

Hope to see you there!

190825-184626_James Staddon_0922 W

Enjoying the View

Mt. Giroux, Mont-Orford National Park, Quebec, Canada

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(No, this picture has nothing to do with the locations planned for the autumn workshops, but it was a photo I took recently and was readily available on my computer here as I wrap up this post on the road to the wedding I mentioned earlier in this post, so I figured if there was a viewer who was inquisitive enough to question why I added it, they would be creative enough to figure out some way it could relate.) Smile

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  1. Logan Lamar

    When you come to the state of Washington (or Idaho or Oregon… or even British Columbia), let me know! I’m itching to have you out here and it could work out for me to trek to you.

  2. James Staddon

    Awesome! I’ll keep this in mind, add your location to the workshop map, and keep an eye open for other opportunities I could line up back to back on the West Coast!


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