Can You See Color?

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A new photo assignment is launching next Friday! We’ll be shooting once again for Suzanne Shera of Lightlab Etc!

I first met Suzanne at the CHAP convention in 2019 and we’ve been in touch ever since. She wrote a book, Lightlab, that teaches children around the ages of 8 to 12 about the nature of light and how Jesus is the light of the world. It consists of twelve lessons on the characteristics of light, with engaging hands-on activities and Bible studies.

Suzanne is passionate about spreading the Gospel message to children. She has degrees in Physics and Optical Engineering, and teaching kids about light is a powerful tool she loves to use. Light is mentioned in the Bible hundreds of times, beginning with Genesis 1:3 through Revelation 22:5. Suzanne’s desire is to reveal that just as light is indispensable to the survival of mankind on Earth, Jesus is essential to our relationship with our Father in Heaven.

So, Suzanne needs a photo to illustrate something she’s been working on. I’ll tell you more about that next Friday when the assignment launches!

But as we discussed the details for the assignment, she shared a 10-minute video that I thought had some interesting information about color: Easter Activity: What Is That Color?

Do you know how many colors our eyes can see? For that matter, do you know how our eyes can actually see color? We’re familiar with the primary colors, but do you know what the secondary colors are?

Color is a pretty fascinating thing to learn about! Imagine only being able to see in black and white! Imagine only being able to take black and white photos!

I’m grateful for the person who discovered color photography. In the video, Suzanne shows us the first-ever color photo in history! Do you know who photographed it?

She also demonstrates some fun activities that can show how different colors appear when two other colors are combined by spinning.

Like I said, color is interesting to learn about.

But just like everything else in life, God didn’t gift us with color purely for the sake of color. There are all sorts of things we can learn about Him when we sit down to learn about various aspects of His creation like color.

The Jelly Bean Prayer is one such example. Ever heard of it? It’s a great way for the colors of the jelly beans to remind us of the Gospel!

But, I don’t want to give it all away. You’ll just have to watch the video here to see what I’m talking about.

Yes, I am truly grateful for the gift of being able to see in color. 

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