The D-SLR Lineup

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I got an e-mail asking for details about Canon’s complete camera lineup. Compiled from a number of different websites, I think I’ve got a pretty good up-to-date list. Canon’s lineup is constantly being revised, so when new models are released, older models are discontinued. Though you can buy just about any one of these camera’s used online at a cheap price, the older models are becoming increasingly harder to find, as well as just plain impractical. Below, bolded entries indicate that the item is in Canon’s active lineup.

Entry Level:

    • August 2003: Rebel (EOS 300D)
    • February 2005: Rebel XT (EOS 350D)
    • August 2006: Rebel XTi (EOS 400D)
    • January 2008: Rebel XSi (EOS 450D)
    • June 2008: Rebel XS (EOS 1000D)
    • March 2009: Rebel T1i (EOS 500D)
    • May 2010: Rebel T2i (EOS 550D)

    Amateur Enthusiast Level:

    • February 2003: EOS 10D
    • August 2004: EOS 20D
    • February 2006: EOS 30D
    • August 2007: EOS 40D
    • August 2008: EOS 50D
    • September 2009: EOS 7D
    • August 2005: EOS 5D
    • September 2008: EOS 5D Mark II

    Professional Level:

    • November 2001: EOS 1D
    • April 2003: EOS 1Ds
    • August 2005: EOS 1D Mark II
    • February 2007: EOS 1D Mark III
    • October 2009: EOS 1D Mark IV
    • August 2007: EOS 1Ds Mark III

    As you may have already noticed, this list isn’t necessarily chronological. I listed them in order of my personal evaluation of performance capabilities.

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