The Journey North, Part III

by | Feb 17, 2011 | Stories & Expeditions | 0 comments

The day I visited Parliament Hill, situated on the banks of the Ottawa River in Ontario, Canada, was probably the most intense of the entire trip. There were deadlines to meet and established limits to the amount of time spent in various places. The rhythm was rapidity. And hence a competent knowledge of camera functions was absolutely necessary.

I was constantly switching settings such as exposure mode and ISO. Aperture priority of f/2.8 at 400 ISO in the rotunda simply didn’t work in the Peace Tower shooting bright-daylight vistas!

What helped me the most was to glance at my settings every time I walked into a new room. If they weren’t correct for that location, I would change them immediately before looking around for compositions. I shot rather consistently in Program and Aperture Priority modes using auto WB and RAW image quality. Things went pretty well despite the pressure. Only once do I remember catching myself taking pictures with incorrect settings.

Parliament Hill-1049Sandstone Architecture-1064Immaculate Interior-1069Library Dome-1079Stories in Stained Glass-1095


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