The Journey North, Part IV

by | Feb 19, 2011 | Stories & Expeditions | 1 comment

The last evening and morning in Beachburg was probably the most picturesque. It was clear, which was uncharacteristic of my stay in Canada. Having gone to bed late, due to travel the day before and a desire to take pictures that night, I almost missed the colorful sunrise of that last morning.

For most of these shots, I used a tripod to allow for creative development. The picture of the house at night is close to an 8 minute exposure. Exposure bracketing was used on the sunrise and shack for a simi-HDR feel. The only picture taken without a tripod is the one looking up at the frost covered weeds; it simply got too uncomfortable kneeling in knee deep snow to adjust the camera to the perfect position.


Home Sweet Home-1147Morning on the FarmTouch of Frost-1201A Shack

1 Comment

  1. Robert

    “Home, Sweet, Home” would make an amazing postcard! 🙂


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