First Expressions

by | Apr 9, 2011 | Tips & Tricks | 2 comments

My first week in South Korea was full of first impressions. Learning the culture and language is one thing; to learn and capitalize on the climate and weather patterns is quite another. These first expressions of my first impressions of Korea display my first efforts in coping with a totally new environment.

Some observations from my experience so far about early spring in the Gimpo district of Seoul, South Korea:

  • Visibility is almost always low, with a more or less dense blanket of haze, fog or smog cutting distant visibility to low, if not null.
  • Most mornings, the sun sets the sky to matte hues of yellow and orange, but does not last long.
  • On a good evening, the sky offers broad shades of red, pink, and purple after the sun sets.

March 30 Sunrise_2253-4-5

Cemetary Sunset_2353-4-5
Typical Morning_2284
Expressions of Spring_2272


  1. Robert

    Beautiful, James!

  2. Benjamin G

    Great pictures James, I enjoyed looking through your blog and you website!


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