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In South Korea, calendars are a big deal. Whether it’s a 100-member or 10,000-member church, it is virtually tradition for churches to purchase calendars to distribute to their congregations as gifts throughout the year. Over the years, IBLP Korea has produced tens of thousands of calendars which have been successfully distributed across the country, creatively displaying ways to apply character practically in every day life.

With this in mind, it is now IBLP’s desire to create a new calendar for 2012 featuring the 49 Commands of Christ! And because it’s new, we want new images; we want to replace the grainy, desaturated, old pictures that have been used in the past. If you are interested in expanding your ministry in photography by possibly having your pictures published in the calendar, please read the simple details below :

  • Title: Korean 2012 Commands of Christ Calendar
  • Submission deadline: April 30, 2011
  • Copyright Terms: Royalty Free (Copyright Holder grants IBLP the rights to use his/her picture(s) for any purpose excluding third-party distribution and resale; no restrictions apply to the Holder.)
  • Remuneration Terms: Ministry (Copyright Holder will receive no compensation for his submission(s). A credit line will be included in the publication if one is requested.)
  • Image Specifications: DNG format; at least 3500px by 2750px; horizontal only.
  • Quality Requirements: Bright, sharp, professional-quality images; a combination of purposeful content, good composition, and dynamic lighting. We must also attempt to express the concept of the command it represents.
  • Submission Directions:
  1. View thumbnail images (the ones we want to replace) in this Collection in the Client Portal section of Lenspiration.com. Use password, kor2012cal.
  2. Conduct a photoshoot to create (or pull from your archives) a picture that best matches the thumbnail images in the Collection. The closer they match, the better. You may submit up to three pictures per thumbnail.
  3. Send an edited JPG comp (600px longest edge) to [email protected].
  4. You will be notified after April 30 via e-mail if your image has been chosen to be used for the calendar. (Directions for sending the full resolution DNG will be given if your submission is chosen.)

Can’t wait to see your submissions!



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