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Scouting-0390Knowing where to go is a very important thing to know. I mean, if there is a beautiful sunset, and you are stuck in the middle of an apartment complex, it’s going to be hard to get some nice landscape images. You might be able to get some nice apartment building images, but that isn’t always the end goal.

Over the past few days, getting situated here in South Korea, it has been difficult, and for good reasons, to find time to temporarily evacuate from the “apartment complex” for a photoshoot. But I have been out. And that is when I do my scouting.

Scouting-0398An intense hike with the Wallers is great fun; but it’s not a time to make everyone wait continually for “Mr. cameraman to create his art.”

A walk to the store and back is necessary, but it’s not a time to lug around your equipment. There’s enough stuff to carry as it is. 🙂

I typically carry a little point and shoot with me on these scouting ventures. This helps me find what I’m looking for later, gives me visual ideas of where to go when I have more time, and can always fills in for if something out of the ordinary does occur.

Scouting-0362It is during these times that I observe what is around me. Where does the sun rise? Or set? At what time of day is the sky most colorful? What days are clear and what days are hazy? Why? What locations will produce good landscape, people, cultural, or wildlife images? What buildings look most attractive? What is the fastest way to get to them?

Sometimes this is as fun as taking the pictures themselves. But it is very much worth it, because instead of getting nice pictures immediately, the end result is getting really nice pictures in the long run . . . hopefully.

As a role of thumb: safety before beautyScouting has it's limits


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