Gallery Update: Northwoods in July

by | Aug 23, 2011 | Updates & Opportunities | 6 comments

Northwoods in July

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  1. David

    Awesome photo! Do you use graduated ND filters, or software, for photos like this?

    • James Staddon

      Good question. For this photo, I shot three images with a 2-stop exposure bias between each one, then used Photomatix software to merge them together to achieve the high dynamic range effect you noticed. I actually don’t have a ND grad at the moment. 🙂

  2. Robert

    Magnificent, James!

  3. Benjamin Cahill

    I am impressed with your ability to prune through the many photos you must have taken to come out with some true winners! That is always the hardest part of post for me. 😉

    Of course, the main reason for this comment was to test the email notification functionality. 😆

    • James Staddon

      I guess I simply don’t have time to post anything more than the best shots from a photo shoot. 🙂

      Is the e-mail notification functionality functioning notably now?

      • Benjamin Cahill

        Sort of…I’m still testing (with this comment as well :D).

        I’ve emailed Robert with more details.


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