Pic of the Month: November ‘11

by | Dec 5, 2011 | Pic of the Month | 2 comments

Enjoying the Falls


I’ve been so busy selling calendars and putting up Christmas lights over the last week that I didn’t have any time to post the Pic of the Month for November! It was a light month for photography anyway, catching up on business and things after my October escapades.

Of the few pictures I took last month, I chose this one because of the character behind it. As usual when traveling between Chicago and West Virginia, we stopped at Hocking Hills State Park on our way home for Thanksgiving. During our short stop, it was entertaining to watch Barak and Daniel happily (almost rambunctiously) explore and enjoy the park. Why? Well, you’ve got to understand: Barak and Daniel are probably the two most diligent, respectable and hard working fellows I know working at Headquarters. And here, you might say that they were both a little out of character. 🙂


  1. Hannah

    Fun waterfall photo. I enjoyed looking through your 2010 photos of Hocking Hills, as that is a place we almost visited in October on our way through WV/OH. We’ll have to keep the park in mind for future travels!

    • James Staddon

      If you don’t mind driving 10 miles out of the way, it’s worth it! The hiking trails are absolutely amazing. During the cold months and when it’s rainy are the best times to visit because there are fewer people and the waterfalls are full.


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