What Pictures Should I Use?

by | Aug 8, 2012 | Updates & Opportunities | 6 comments

Question Calendar

Would you like to have an integral part in designing the 2013 Lenspiration calendar? From now until August 18th is your one and only opportunity!

Just head over to this gallery of candidate photos to cast your vote and give your input for the pictures you think I should use. Which are your favorite? Which pictures go with which months of the year? What do you think should be the front cover picture?

I’m looking forward to each and every one of your comments. Enjoy the sneak peek!


  1. Stefani Longo (ATI Indiana)

    Numbers 8, 22,and 31 are my favorite.

  2. Bethany Pentimone

    Wow, stunning pictures! Excellent job on all of them! I was picking which ones I liked the most, and they were all SO good! 🙂

    OK, here are my ideas for which ones goes with each month –
    Jan. – Either 1 or 24
    Feb. – 3
    Mar. – 22
    Apr. – 12 or 15 (these are SO amazing pictures – such simplicity and quite peaceful.)
    May – 5 or 29
    June – 16 or 35 (like the sun in these pictures!)
    July – 42 or 47
    Aug. – 28
    Sept. – 31
    Oct. – 9 or 36
    Nov. – 49 🙂 Amazing shot!
    Dec. – Definitely 50 🙂 I really like that picture!

    Front cover? I have no idea…they are all so great!

    Favorites? Some that I really like that I didn’t list with months are 20, 26 and 48. Though, 12 is awesome!

    Great job on the pictures! I had a quick question though – beside all the pictures you have all the info about the picture (where it was taken, camera info, conditions, etc., etc.) does it take a lot of time to write those things out, or have you gotten use to doing it all?

    • James Staddon

      Thanks for your input Bethany! As for adding information to the pictures, I actually have it set up to do it automatically for me. The exposure and other camera metadata is imbedded in the image so as long as I add the location specifics in Lightroom, then Lightroom and Zenfolio work together to do the filenaming for me. I can send you specifics for how I do it if you’d like. I didn’t developed my processes over night. 🙂

  3. Bethany Pentimone

    Thanks for sharing how you do that. I normally just name my pictures and file them by different categories (flowers, scenery, people, etc.) How long have you been doing it this way? I’m sure you have to have a very organized way of doing everything, since you take so many pictures!

    BTW, I noticed that I didn’t put any of your waterfall pictures down for any month. Don’t think I didn’t like them – they were great! I just didn’t know what month to put them with, that’s all 🙂

  4. Sarah

    James these are my thoughts on what pictures to use for what month:

    Jan- #1
    Feb- #3
    Mar- #39
    Apr- #26
    May- #5
    Jun- #29
    Jul- #8, or #33
    Aug- #6
    Sep- #12
    Oct- #49
    Nov- #45, or #50
    Dec- #2
    the dec
    These were really hard decisions to make because they were all SO GOOD!! But I think this is what I would pick. May the Lord guide you on which ones to pick!!
    Blessings Sarah!!

  5. James

    Thank you everyone who shared your opinions and comments both here on the blog and in the 2013 Calendar Ideas album! Your input carries a lot of weight on my decisions. Can’t wait to announce the calendar soon!


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