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by | Aug 20, 2012 | Perspective, Updates & Opportunities | 2 comments

Over the weekend, I traveled with my family out to Allentown, PA, to attend my cousin Tim’s wedding. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a more fabulous location for a wedding! The intricacy and dignity of old buildings have always fascinated me, and the cathedral in which the ceremony was held on the Lehigh University campus was no exception.

5740_--_Canon EOS 40D, 17 mm, 1-400 sec at f - 10, ISO 200

After the ceremony was over, I walked around campus a bit to photograph some of the other buildings around. I didn’t have much time, so when a young man stopped to ask me about my camera, I hesitated to get into a conversation. However, the Lord impressed upon me how infinitely better it would be to share the love of Christ than to “snap up” treasures on earth, so I slung the camera over my shoulder, moved over into the shade, and spent the next 20 minutes or so making great conversation on all kinds of subjects. What fun it was to discuss everything from photography, to creation, to sin, to forgiveness! I’m not sure if Chao will decide to begin reading the Bible or when he might receive Christ, but he was certainly intrigued about what we talked about and I hope and pray that he will begin to think more seriously about his eternal destiny.

Oh that I might use my camera more as a device for, versus a distraction from, fulfilling the Great Commission!

5778_--_Canon EOS 40D, 17 mm, 1-125 sec at f - 5.6, ISO 100

5801_--_Canon EOS 40D, 18 mm, 1-125 sec at f - 5.6, ISO 100

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  1. Emily

    Amen!! Just today was able to share the purpose behind the life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ and how His substitutionary death can set a believer free…all while sitting behind my desk at work, waiting for my boss to return. Pray for Jeremy! After going through the law with him, he fell under conviction, and prayed God would work in his life. He is so near to salvation – pray he would not be “almost persuaded” but altogether such as we are! 🙂

    Your work is looking great and your precision and standard of excellence is showing through. Thanks for keeping Christ-centered!

  2. James

    That’s exciting!


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