It Has Been Sold!

by | Jan 4, 2013 | Updates & Opportunities | 0 comments

It seems to have happened so suddenly, but after months of deliberation and searching for a new owner, I can now say that my trusty, rock-solid Canon 40D camera has been sold! I’ll miss my constant companion of three years, but it served me well while I had it and I’m confident that it will serve it’s new owner for many years to come.

The 40D has traveled faithfully with me through 6 different countries, 5 Canadian provinces, and 35 states in the USA. From the misty hills of West Virginia to the vast expanse of western Canada, from alpine peaks in the Sierra Nevada’s to dusty wastelands of the Peruvian coast, from desert beaches to tropical islands . . . it hasn’t skipped a beat, not once has it given up, always ready, always consistent, always doing it’s very best!

I admire durable cameras, and though the 40D isn’t said to be waterproof, it has not failed me in sleet, snow, sunshine or salt water spray. I hope I’ve returned the favor by doing my best to protect it, trying to never give opportunity for a fall or an unnecessary beating, ultimately entrusting it to God to protect it from accidents and premature death.

4D Camera-1

But now it’s time to look forward to the future. With technology always on the move and the 6D and 5D Mark III in the spotlight, I’ve set my sights on the 5D Mark II, an excellent 2008 model that everyone seems to want to upgrade from now. This is good news for budget photographers like me. Getting a $2,500 release-era camera for as much as half the price today is worth the wait. That is, if I can find one. I’m looking around, and if you or anyone you know is selling their Canon 5D Mark II, let me know, and only the Lord knows what missions we will embark on together in the coming years!.


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