Pic of the Month: December ‘12

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Work of Light121212-JAS_2633

What fun it is to put up Christmas lights! I’ve put up Christmas lights on our house (or at least helped put them up) for as long as I can remember. Back when I was growing up at our home in Manassas, Virginia, I remember helping Dad put up Christmas lights on the little bushes that lined the sidewalk up to our front door. Then I remember when Dad bought Christmas lights to put along the entire length of our house! It was such a thrilling job to keep the dangling lights from getting tangled up in the ladder as Dad climbed up to attach them to the eves. What memories!

For various reasons, we didn’t get to put up the thousands of Christmas lights this year all over our house like we usually do. We experimented with spelling “Christmas” with 700 lights stretched across our front porch, but I guess it was a successful first try because it really didn’t turn out that well. 🙂 But just because we didn’t line our house with thousands of lights, it doesn’t mean that I couldn’t take pictures of someone else’s house!

It just so happened that I took a little trip out to the Wilkes house in Virginia just before Christmas. They had told me all about how they had outlined their house, so I was looking forward to seeing it! And what a beautiful sight it was! I made sure it was right at dusk, after the sun had set yet before the sky was completely dark, so that the sky would be that complementary royal blue color. A 30 second exposure and wide angle lens helped the moving clouds direct the eye down to the house, the masterful work of light.


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