The Grand CAPTURE Announcement!

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Well, here’s the grand CAPTURE photography workshop announcement to usher in the New Year!

There’s still a ton of planning yet to do, but hopefully this list of 2014 CAPTURE locations will whet your appetite and give you the basic info you need to start planning! Be aware that all dates and locations are subject to change, so I would recommend subscribing to the Latest from Lenspiration updates to stay informed in the unlikely event of a major change or cancelation. As details develop, I will also be updated the Workshops Page here on my website.

Hope to see you at CAPTURE somewhere in 2014!



When: February 26—March 1, 2014

Where: Sherbrooke, Quebec, Canada

Highlights: The far north in the dead of winter

Tuition: $445  Early Registration (through February 3): $395/photographer

Details coming shortly!


When: April 2—5, 2014

Where: Prosper, Texas

Highlights: Spring blue bonnets

Tuition: $445  Early Registration (deadline TBA): $395/photographer

Working on putting together more details!


When: May, 2014 (Exact dates TBA)

Where: Indianapolis, Indiana

Highlights: Spring flowers and glacial canyons

Tuition: $445  Early Registration (deadline TBA): $395/photographer

Working on putting together details on this one too!


When: June, 2014 (Exact dates TBA)

Where: Near Linville Falls, North Carolina

Highlights: Rhododendron bloom in the Blue Ridge Mountains

Tuition: $445  Early Registration (deadline TBA): $395/photographer

Details? Yup! They’re coming!


When: July, 2014 (Exact dates TBA)

Where: Eureka, California

Highlights: Pacific coast, Trinity Alps and redwood forest

Tuition: $445  Early Registration (deadline TBA): $395/photographer

There are a great many details be worked out for this new, awesome location!


When: July 21—26, 2014

Where: Wasilla, Alaska

Highlights: Independence Gold Mine, Denali National Park, mountain landscapes

Tuition: $945  Early Registration (through June 23): $845/photographer

Lots of details! Working on ‘em! Alaska is going to be a blast!


When: August, 2014 (Exact dates TBA)

Where: Near Roanoke, Virginia

Highlights: Natural Bridge, Blue Ridge Parkway

Tuition: $445  Early Registration (deadline TBA): $395/photographer

Details are in development!


When: September 24—27, 2014

Where: Salem, West Virginia

Highlights: Black Water Falls, fall colors in the heart of the Appalachians

Tuition: $445  Early Registration (through August 25): $395/photographer

If you didn’t already know, details are in the works!


When: October, 2014 (Exact dates TBA)

Where: Near Brevard, North Carolina

Highlights: Waterfalls, fall colors in the Blue Ridge Mountains

Tuition: $445  Early Registration (deadline TBA): $395/photographer

Detailed detail development is developing decidedly!


When: October 22—25, 2014

Where: Topeka, Kansas

Highlights: Abandoned country architecture, fall colors in the Flint Hills

Tuition: $445  Early Registration (through September 22): $395/photographer

Just as a reminder, details are being worked out!

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  1. Hannah

    This is really neat! Excited to hear about how they go and hopefully attend one too =) Hope those details go smoothly! There sure are a lot of em!

    • James Staddon

      They will take up most the year, I reckon! But it’s a life worth living.

  2. Samantha F.

    Is it $395 per photographer or per camera? I was wondering if my husband and I could get in on it with one of us on the camera but the two of us taking in the info or if the cost is per person? That would be the Québec one of course. 🙂

    • James Staddon

      Great question! I do like to encourage folks to come with a parent or their spouse. Payment amounts are generally worked out on case by case basis, but non-photographers are welcome to come for a smaller fee calculated to cover the expense of having another person along with the rest of the class.


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