From the Other Photographers’ Perspective

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Photos by Dr. Robert Frazer


Thanks to the Frazer Family, CAPTURE Quebec was the largest workshop yet! It was neat to see everyone’s skill level increasing each day, and I was practically running out of things to talk about by the end of the class. :)  I was learning new things too; like how to make focusing microadjustments to specific lenses. For an excellent, detailed, pictorial overview of the entire “weekend”, jump over to the post CAPTURE Quebec Highlight Photos on the Frazer Family’s website. It’s so neat to see their perspectives.  I was very impressed with the images that each team member was able to get despite the weather being against us. Below are just a few of my favorites from each attendee. Would love to hear your comments on which one’s are your favorites!


Photo by Stephen Frazer


Photo by Evelyn Frazer


Photo by Ryan Taylor


Photo by Nathanael Frazer


Photo by Jonathan Frazer


Photo by Elizabeth Frazer


Photo by Dr. Robert Frazer


  1. Katie Wilson

    Wow! I really like the photo by Ryan Taylor! Very nicely done!

  2. Erica Frazer

    I really like Elizabeth’s photo. She did a very good job at framing the subject nicely.

    • James Staddon

      Totally agree! I think it was the most creative composition from that photoshoot. During the very first photoshoot, the assignment was “framing”; well, if Elizabeth didn’t fulfill the assignment that first day, she certainly made up for it on that second day!

  3. Cathy Van Essen

    I like Evelyn Frazers the best! I want to touch that snow drift!


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