It’s always fun to look at the pictures from the other photographers at the close of any CAPTURE Workshop! I make sure we go around and look through everyone’s top 12 picks sometime on Saturday at the end of the workshop so we can tell stories, share how we found the shots we liked, and recap what we learned and were able to put into practice. It’s neat to step back and think about all the ground that was covered during the workshop.

I’m sharing just a few shots of the many amazing pictures that were made during CAPTURE Kansas last week. I was very impressed with the work of each attendee, and amazed at how much was learned over such a short period of time.


Photo by Elizabeth. This is the second CAPTURE that Elizabeth has attended, so it’s neat to see how her pictures get better and better over time. She writes of CAPTURE Kansas 2014 on her blog in A Successful CAPTURE! where she has displayed quite a bit more of her amazing work.

Haybail Field (1)

Photo by Sarah B. She writes of the class: “Not only did I learn so much about my camera and Lightroom this past week, but I also grew spiritually stronger as well! It was truly amazing how the time went by so fast! I miss you all greatly and can’t wait till next time!”


Photo by Stephen


Photo by Jayla


Photo by Sarah S.

CAPTURE Kansas -

Photo by Sarah Lee. You can take a look at Sarah’s collection of memories from CAPTURE Kansas here on Google+. I must say, it’s an excellent overview of the workshop.

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