What Happened Over the Thanksgiving Weekend

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Did you hear about the disastrously crazy turn of events that happened on Thanksgiving morning?!

I just joined Instagram, and it’s all documented there . . . go to www.instagram.com/lenspirationphoto, click to Follow, then find and watch the video. It’s pretty crazy; sad really. A true test of “giving thanks in all things”!

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But that’s not the only thing that happened that morning. After the whole ordeal was over, the morning was still quite beautiful so I stayed outside to snap a few more photos as the sun came up.

The lake was amazingly placid! Though I played around with other elements along the lakeshore, this dock was really the only that the turned out well. The opposing diagonals and visual flow made me want to choose it for my monthly desktop background.

161124-James Staddon_2145 W

Beginning of a Beautiful Morning
Ambassador College Reservoir, Texas
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In the processing of this image, I used a special tool in Lightroom to bring out the beautiful texture in the boardwalk. Do you know how to use the Adjustment Brush Tool? It’s an incredibly powerful tool that every photographer should know how to use with precision and agility. In fact, it played an integral part in the processing of another image submitted by a PRO Member last week. The edits she wanted to make were quite advanced, so I put together an entire video explaining how I’d edit it.

Topic_Lens flare

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