Been following politics recently?

I don’t very closely, but it has been interesting to observe from afar the events surrounding the appointment of Brett Kavanaugh to the US Supreme Court….from the perspective of a photographer.

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Here are 3 things that I’ve been reminded of through the whole thing:

It’s been a reminder to appreciate “quality control” processes

In the world of photography, each camera manufacturer has it’s own quality assurance procedures. Statistical methods are used to monitor aspects of product quality, function, performance, consistency, and precision, and quality control departments are dedicated to guiding the seamless flow of one assembly system into another and provide corrective measures if needed. I’m very grateful for this. It allows us to enjoy the high level of quality that we have come to expect from camera manufacturers these days.

It’s the same way in politics. The process of appointment and confirmation of a Justice to the Supreme Court is very important. It is important to vet, question and vote on an individual who has been appointed by the President to really make sure he’s qualified for the job. It can be discouraging sometimes when these procedures are used to push one political agenda or another, but I am grateful for the incredible thought that our Founding Father’s put into establishing the Constitution, and it’s a blessing to live in a country that is governed by laws. Though sometimes performed inefficiently, quality control is still a basic necessary.

It’s been a reminder to check motivations

When I’m editing my photos, sometimes I rush through them and sometimes I take my time. Is either way right or wrong? Not necessarily. What matters is my motivation. Am I rushing through them because I’m on a deadline, or am I rushing through them because I’m just trying to get by with as little effort on my part as possible? Am I taking things slowly because I want to ensure I’m doing things properly, or am I doing things slowly because I’m wasting my time trying to impress people with my impressive editing abilities?

When Kavanaugh’s appointment came to a vote last week, I thought Senator Flake’s motivation for postponing it for another week to allow for an FBI investigation was interesting. He said, “I wanted to support him. I’m a conservative; he’s a conservative judge. But I want a process we can be proud of. I think the country needs to be behind it. We need a more bipartisan process.” While there could be any array of political motivations for postponing the vote, it is true that it is important that the process be honored. Let’s just not forget to check our motivations behind why we do what we do.

It’s been a reminder that everything in life is interconnected

The type of material a camera is made of makes a difference in how long that camera lasts or how affective that camera will be at doing what it was designed to do. While a camera made with lower-grade material may be more popular at first because it has a cheaper price tag, it’s usually the cameras that are made with higher-grade material that stand the test of time and are more effective in the long run.

Kavanaugh’s past is directly affecting his future. The choices he made in high school are directly affecting what could be the greatest development of his life. I’m not saying that I blindly believe the allegations. They could be skewed, trumped up, or even completely false. I don’t know. (God knows and will ultimately take care of that.) But what I do know is that Kavanaugh went to that party. And he didn’t have to. Life is interconnected. What we sow, we will reap.

We’re young. Perhaps we don’t think that what we decide to do today will make any difference in what happens tomorrow. But we just don’t know. Embracing preventative action in life may not be what is popular, but it sure does give us a better chance at standing the test of time and accomplishing fully what we were designed to do.

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