As I finish putting together my 2019 travel schedule, I’m excited to announce the locations and dates I’ll be available to hold Photography Field Days this year!

Here’s an interactive map that shows where I’ll be and when I’ll be there. Click on the orange pins or blue routes to view details:

2019 travel schedule

Not familiar with Lenspiration’s Photography Field Days? Learn more about them here. And here’s a little video about what happened during the latest one we did. Up in Connecticut.

So, if you’re interested in attending or hosting a Field Day within 100 miles or so of a pin or route on the map above (and on the dates indicated in the map too, of course), please shoot me an email via the Contact Page and we’ll see if Lenspiration can’t get a workshop organized in a city (or should I say “park”?) near you!

190216-James Staddon_160758

190219-James Staddon_180147

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