What Happened at Kent Falls….

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My Saturday’s are not usually as exciting as was this past Saturday, at least, in the respect to planned excitement. Smile It was the first Saturday of it’s kind this year, and Lord willing, not the last….


Behind the Scenes Insights

  • I discovered Kent Falls back in the autumn of 2011, the first time I ever visited Connecticut. I was so impressed with the little park that it became one of those places I kinda always want to return to when I’m in the area.
  • The second time I went to Kent Falls was in winter a few years later with some friends. The snow on the ground wasn’t fresh so it wasn’t that beautiful. But, we had been doing so much office work together that we went more for the adventure of it. And adventure it turned out to be! The trail was so thoroughly covered in ice (tons of it!) that we had to literally climb our way through the forest (on the safe side of the trail) in order to make it up to the higher falls overlooks. At the overlooks, the ice was so slick that we wouldn’t have even attempted to go out on them if it hadn’t been for the guard rails!
  • That was winter. Now it’s spring and we didn’t have any problem at all last Saturday. It was too bad that the spring was late though, and there was very little green stuff growing on the trees. Just one more week of warm weather and it would have been enchanting!
  • The upper falls is a picturesque, dramatic 70-foot cascade. From there, the stream descends 200 feet in a series of lesser falls into the open valley below. There were plenty of falls to shoot.
  • Photography Field Days are usually relatively on-the-fly events. They don’t require much preparation so, when traveling, I try to keep my Saturday’s free just in case something comes up last minute. Feel free to sign up for updates about when the next Field Day will be held or when I might be traveling in your area at www.lenspiration.com/fielddays.

Perhaps some of the shots we took there we’ll submit for the latest Shoot to Serve assignment, Refreshing (unless of course, you submit a better one). It wasn’t that “springy” yet, so I’m not sure how well our pictures will do. Smile

180505-James Staddon_784834

180505-James Staddon_785627


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