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by | May 8, 2020 | Updates & Opportunities | 1 comment

Homeschool Summits is wrapping up their online Curriculum 2.0 convention today, and they’ve given me two All-Access Passes that I can give away for free.

If you’re into homeschooling and would like one of them, feel free to enter the drawing by filling out this quick little survey about Lenspiration. Survey will be open until Monday, May 11:

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With so many things changing these days, I want to make sure I’m keeping on top of the needs of my readership and what they’re thinking and looking for . . . so, just curious.

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  1. James Staddon

    Wow, thank you everyone!! Reading through all your responses was very encouraging. And I just love things like this that get the wheels turning in my head. 🙂 The winners were Brandi Jackson and Esther Machen….will be sending you your prizes soon!


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