Behind the Shot: Crimson Display

by | Oct 10, 2020 | Stories & Expeditions | 2 comments

It was a quaint little place. Not all that attractive in and of itself.


But the view was amazing! An especially great place for morning devotions, even when it was cold outside.


But on one particular morning, I saw the horizon begin to glow red, I knew it was time to jump into my wool socks and wind-proof jacket!


There were so many clouds, I was really quite surprised the sky turned out to be as colorful as it was. Evidently, everything down below the horizon was lined up just right!

Spectacular Sunset

There seems to be a “peak saturation” in sunrises and sunsets that sometimes only lasts for a minute or two, but sometimes for several minutes or more. You never know. So I shoot at least something, and then if it’s still nice, I analyze my picture and ask “how can I do this better?” and go try to find a better photo! This time I felt I needed a better foreground.

Crimson Display
Long Island Sound from Clinton, Connecticut
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Peak saturation didn’t last for much longer. But while it did, I went for a more looking-down-the-beach shot, thinking stock photography. Buildings don’t generally find their way into my pictures normally for some reason. Smile

Just the Beginning

Later, when I decided I wanted to use this photo for the front cover of the Lenspiration 2021 calendar, I decided to spend a bit of time adding a little more foreground in Photoshop. When I composed the shot, I didn’t know how far the waves would come in. Every shot is different. I had a couple other shots with less water (but not as shapely waves) so I was able to use one to create a little more foreground. Don’t tell anybody. Smile

Photoshop cover

I decided to title the calendar “When Morning Gilds the Skies”. Most of the photos were taken in the morning. Sunrise is NEVER easy to get up for, so it makes it unique in that way. Smile

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  1. Joshua Ong

    What a gorgeous sunrise! You were truly blessed with a spectacular view that morning.

    I love beautiful sunrises and sunsets. They’re often more colourful closer to the coast. The picture entitled “Just the Beginning” reminds me of a beach in Mandurah, a town located approximately seventy kilometres south of Perth.

  2. James Staddon

    So true, Joshua! I was there for only two sunrises, and it’s crazy that one of them actually ended up being spectacular! You only see the photos of nice sunrises, right? 🙂


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