Picture Request: Our Design

by | Jun 9, 2010 | Updates & Opportunities | 4 comments

Here at IBLP, Mr. Gothard has finished writing yet another book. Now we are looking for pictures, pictures you very well might be able to supply us with. If you are interested in expanding your ministry in photography and possibly having your pictures published, read on!

  • Title: Our Design, by Bill Gothard
  • Submission deadline: June 19, 2010
  • Copyright Terms: Royalty Free (Copyright Holder grants IBLP the rights to use his/her picture(s) for any purpose excluding third-party distribution and resale; no restrictions apply to the Holder.)
  • Remuneration Terms: Ministry (Copyright Holder will receive no compensation for his submission(s). A credit line will be included in the publication if one is supplied in the image metadata.)
  • Image Specifications: JPG format; 1500px by 2100px
  • Quality Requirements: Bright, sharp, professional-quality images; preferably taken in directional or ambient lighting.
  • Submission Directions:
  1. View thumbnail images in this Collection. (Password: ourdesign)
  2. Conduct a photoshoot or pull from your archives the picture that best matches the thumbnail image. The closer they match, the better. Please only submit one picture per thumbnail.
  3. Send the edited, full resolution picture(s) to [email protected].
  4. Your picture(s) will be added to IBLP’s image database to be used for current and future IBLP publications.

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  1. Esther

    Wow! That’s a great opportunity!

  2. Peter L.

    I like the idea. As a side note, it would be good if the last one was not of the Capitol Building, but the White House considering that is the home of the Executive Branch.

  3. James Staddon

    Thanks for your thoughts, Peter. I’ll forward that on to the editor.

  4. James Staddon

    Well, a hearty thank you to all who participated. The statistics show that three people submitted pictures and one picture was chosen to be published!

    Stay tuned for future requests. This was a good start; but there is plenty of room for expansion!


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