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Last Wednesday I taught a ultra-short-course in photography composition. It was the perfect day to teach because we were already at a State Park for a day-trip. I gave each person the assignment to take three pictures with the following criteria:

  1. Picture with a Purpose
  2. Candid (someone not looking directly at the camera)
  3. Posed (someone looking at the camera)

We focused on the elements of emotional impact, focus, and filling the frame. No editing was allowed. 🙂

These are my three entrees:

Picture with a PurposeSomeone not directly looking at the cameraSomeone looking at the camera

I am quite surprised at how lacking my own photography is! But it was a good exercise. The first picture tells a story of “Transformation”; cropping the reader’s eyes draws the viewer’s eyes to the words on the book. The second picture is candid, in that it was taken on the spur of the moment and the photographer is not looking at the camera; the subjects eyes are what brings the viewer into the picture. The last picture is definitely not posed, but it does have the subjects looking at the camera; I couldn’t zoom in any closer, so I purposely framed it in a way that added to the “daringness” of the subjects.

I’m looking forward to the critiquing session this evening!

For a few more pictures of our trip, click here.


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