Pic of the Month: November ’10

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Hangin’ In There

Climbing Tree-8439

As I was going through the pictures I had taken over the past month, this one clearly stood out as the one with the most suggested activity: that split-second moment between swinging out of the tree and landing safely on the ground. Well, suggested at best; it really wasn’t as perfect timing as the picture implies . . .

After a long, hard day of raking leaves, two friends and I decided to head out to “the hill” where another group of staff-members was finishing off the day with a few rounds of speed volleyball. We were in a little predicament, however, because I had a bike and my compatriots did not. Despite my suggestions for a solution, they took off running toward the hill at great speed and it was no easy task to beat them (as certain obstacles are not as easily passed with a bike as they are on foot).

Upon our arriving at the hill, quite out of breath, we slowly realizing that all that energy had been spent in vain as we looked with disappointment over an empty hill–an empty volleyball court–now shrouded in the cold October twilight.

But that didn’t deter out enthusiasm one bit! There was a beautiful sunset behind us! And I had a camera! And when was the last time you had time to be crazily creative with creating silhouettes? It was invigorating! So we went berserk: riding the bicycle, chasing the bicycle, climbing trees and seriously having more fun than we probably ever would have had playing volley ball.

“Hangin’ In There” is my favorite picture from the episode. Because of the trees in the background (being where they were because I, laying flat on the ground, couldn’t get any lower), I called for my friend to keep his legs up in the air, not touching the branch, but almost touching, for as long as he could. And that wasn’t very long, poor guy!

Sometimes, what we see suggests something that is not actually real; this is the case in every disappointing situation.


  1. Robert

    I love it, James!

  2. M. S.

    When plans change, have more fun than you planned on! 🙂



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