The fact that it took pretty much all day to travel by car and train from Beachburg to the US border at Niagara Falls, resulted in the serendipitous event that I arrived at the falls after dark. I can attest that Niagara Falls is spectacular at night. But it is ultra-spectacular at night in the winter!

Everything was covered in deep snow, which in turn was overlaid by a peculiar sheet of ice. Thankfully, the wind–so cutting it was that night!–was blowing the right direction and kept us from being glazed by ice. Very few people were milling about, afraid to endure the freezing temperatures. It was picture perfect.

Of course, every picture was taken with a tripod. Positioning the camera for pleasing compositions was probably the most difficult task. I kept a tight hand and a close eye on all my equipment; under those conditions, one mistake could have been costly.

Niagara in Februar-1261Source of Color-1278Misty Swirls -1267Up the Canyon-1273

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