The Journey North, Part VI

by | Feb 20, 2011 | Stories & Expeditions | 2 comments

There is one last photography-related activity worth taking note of: an activity most unique to anything I have ever experienced.

In, or should I say beneath, a portion of downtown Rochester, New York, there remains an old, abandoned subway tunnel. Allen, my friend and host for this part of my trip, brought me and a few other of his friends along to explore and take pictures. Though for a majority of the time there was not enough light for much good photography, the location provided for some very unique compositions!

In retrospect, I would say I do not necessarily recommend expeditions such as this because of the dirt, filth, or simply the fact that, being in the inner city, it is unknown what such a location contains. But in this situation, I was part of a large group, well equipped with lights, and with someone who knew where we were at all times. Indeed it was unique.

Abandoned Entrance-1354Stick Together-1392Beware-1403Investigating-1365Abandoned Exit-1421


  1. Paul Burgess

    You got some great photos on this trip!

    I wanted to ask; do you find any big differences between Canada and the U.S.?

  2. James

    I just ran across your comment here, Paul; sorry for not replying earlier! To tell you the truth, I found very little differences, though there were a few.

    First, there is definitely a strong French influence in Canada (in contrast to Spanish in America) that encompasses not only language, but also culture.

    Second, because the Canadian government is set up differently than the US, I find conversations about politics to be quite entertaining. Canadians just think differently. I also had a bad experience flying into Canada, and I know “big government” was linked to that ultimately.

    I hope I didn’t say anything offensive 🙂 But I enjoyed my time in Canada, I look forward to returning in the future, hopefully out west next time!


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