Pic of the Month: May ’11

by | Jun 1, 2011 | Pic of the Month | 4 comments

Appalachian Sunset


Have you ever become frustrated with imperfect equipment during an otherwise perfectly wonderful photoshoot?

During my recent trip through the Blue Ridge mountains I experienced these feelings as I attempted to shoot the beautiful scenery along the charming route. Early on in the day, it wasn’t a problem to spend a little extra time to switch a lens . . . again, or set up a tripod . . . for the tenth time, or switch to Automatic Exposure Bracketing . . . and back again.

But as the day progressed, and as I began to realize that my time was growing short, these extras became less and less ordinary and more and more annoying. Instead of enjoying the particulars of the trade, I had let my focus deviate toward satisfying my desire for having a beautiful picture more than enjoying the process of taking it. 

Photography is not about having a collection of images. Photography is about glorifying the Creator both in using pictures and creating pictures. He that is slow to wrath is of great understanding: but he that is hasty of spirit, exalts folly. Plan plenty of time for your photoshoots, but don’t let acquisitiveness spoil the true reason why you are behind the lens!


  1. Robert

    Ahh! I’m looking forward to seeing those mountains in a couple weeks… 😉

  2. Jessica

    Thanks so much for posting this wonderful reminder!!

  3. Barbara

    Thanks for the reminder James. It is just as important to keep in mind the character of God as it is the creation of God.

  4. James

    Thanks for the comments folks. You have encouraged me!


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