Pic of the Month: August ‘11

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I’m posting a day early to allow room for a special announcement for the first of September . . .

Raptor in Flight

Raptor in Flight

It’s amazing what memory’s we attach to the pictures we take. Want to guess what this picture reminds me of? You probably will never guess. Believe it or not, it reminds me of Acts 26, the chapter in the Bible where Paul preaches in the audience of King Agrippa with such passion that the King himself said: “Almost thou persuadest me to be a Christian.”

Though this passage has very little to do with a raptor in flight, it was the passage I was reading for my morning devotions when I saw this hawk fly across the field in front of me. I love to do devotions outside. For some, it might be distracting, but I have found this only to be the case when I am under a specific time pressure. On this particular morning, I was not. Thus, the time I spent in softly going inside to retrieve the camera to snap a few shots of the fleeting visitor only added to the novelty of reading Acts 26.

Bible reading and study are not to be isolated between the hours of 6:00 and 7:00 in the morning, or whenever you do your devotions. Scripture was meant to flow through our minds as blood flows through our bodies, ever present, ever nourishing! Oh wretched photographer that I am! If I marvel at but one picture which reminds me of some Scripture most distantly related, than what of profit am I reminded of for the thousands of others that I take? Will I ever be persuaded to live as a Christian? for Christ, and not for self?


  1. Mrs. Antonion

    Amen. Good photo and great words!

    I also wanted to comment on this month’s photo and quote in the 2011 calander. The photo for August is so serene and beautiful! Good work. But what has stuck in my mind for the last 30 days now is the quote, “If I give someone the power to validate me, I also give him the power to control me.” This has helped me to realize some things and cause me to rethink the purpose of others.

    I just wanted to say thanks for that and your work on the calander! (I picked ours up at the NC FEW in March and have enoyed it every month!)

    God has given you a beautiful talent to capture His handwork. Thank you for using it for His glory!

  2. Matthew H

    Thanks James! A Christian who restricts fellowship with God and reading His word to a short time in the morning can’t help but be a malnourished Christian! That is also a neat idea to use pictures to remind you of verses or Bible passages!


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