Loons on the Lake

by | Sep 11, 2011 | Stories & Expeditions | 2 comments

I very much felt like murmuring as I stumbled my way through the darkness. Unlike the magical peninsula of a few days ago, the island I now traversed was covered in impenetrable stands of young pines, impassable bogs of mud, and incredibly abundant piles of dead trees. After fighting my way through the mess for a while, I began to wonder if it would ever end. “Why did I go through all the trouble to get up early and trek all the way out here just to be turned back simply because there wasn’t a break in the trees big enough to set up a tripod!”

But then the Lord reminded me of what I had heard in a sermon the previous day about murmuring: the feelings that result from failing to understand God’s purpose behind any given crisis. I repented immediately and purposed to keep God in the picture.

I wish I could say everything worked out perfectly after that. But it doesn’t always happen that way. I had to keep pushing my way along for quite a bit longer, and when I finally found a nice spot to set things up, a portion of the sunrise had already passed.

But that is when the loons came: slowly, quietly, floating on the lake far away. It was a long time before they got within “shooting range” but the whole morning adventure was worth it just to be able to photograph those beautiful birds in such a beautiful setting.

3997_Canon EOS 40D, 200 mm, 1-2500 sec at f - 5.6, ISO 100

“The Lord heareth your murmurings which ye murmur
against Him: and what are we? Your murmurings are not
against us, but against the Lord.” –Exodus 16:8b


  1. Chelsea N.

    Wow, James! What an amazing story and picture as well. You really seem to be having yourself an adventure there.

  2. Michael S.

    Wow, James, that is one incredible picture! It would look just perfect in a barn wood frame. But your humility in being willing to enjoy the LORD more than your circumstances is even more beautiful. keep it up.


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