Pic of the Month: October ’11

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Ocean Mist

Ocean Mist_0723

I don’t normally go stepping into ankle deep water while wearing socks and hiking boots, but an unfortunate wave of circumstances called for it’s necessity a few weeks ago while photographing the last light on the shores of Battle Beach State Park, OR.

While photographing one of the best sunset I witnessed during the West Coast excursion, I set up the camera on a tripod in the middle of a field of small rocks scattered over the beach through which the rising tide waters would ebb and flow. I love the effect that is created when the camera captures water rushing between rocks during a long exposure.

In placing the tripod, I calculated that the waves coming in would not reach it except maybe enough to wet it’s feet. Well, I was wrong. While a series of 3 bracketed 10sec exposures was being taken, I noticed a large wave coming in from the left. I stepped back and hopped up on a few rocks as the water came in at an inch or two where I used to be standing and where the tripod still did. Then a second wave came crashing in and the water rose another few inches. This began to concern me, but I kept a sharp eye on the camera, about 8 feet away from me. Then a third wave came in, larger than the first two. The water was now over a foot deep where the tripod was lazily clicking pictures. This technically wasn’t that big of a problem, but as soon as the water began to recede, I immediately noticed the camera and tripod begin to move seaward. I didn’t hesitate one more millisecond. I jumped into the water and grabbed the tripod, dragging it and my now thoroughly wet feet to higher ground. It’s definitely something that didn’t happen again. 🙂

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  1. Chelsea N.

    Wow, James! Glad you were able to get your equipment in time! The picture is lovely. 🙂 Makes me want to visit that place!

  2. Heidi Schreiber

    Hi James, I’m not sure if you remember me but we met on the Journey Reunion and talked a little about photography. I found your business card and decided to visit your website, and I am amazed! What beautiful work. I love the way you capture the beauty of God’s creation. Keep it up, and God bless!

  3. James Staddon

    I really can’t take any credit for the pictures; I don’t create anything except for a static rendition of what God so intricately displays in a dynamic and infinitely complex way!

  4. Elizabeth Lindsay

    I agree with Chelsea! LOVELY and breathtaking! Thank you!

  5. James Staddon

    Just want to let you know, Elizabeth, that your comments, along with everyone else who comments regularly, truly encourages me to keep posting! It’s nice to know others enjoy looking at bits and pieces of God’s beautiful creation.



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