Highlights from 2011

by | Jan 5, 2012 | Updates & Opportunities | 7 comments

Wow! What a year. Though definitely not complete, this collection of 25 favorite images from 2011 tells the story of the whole year, from January to December. Looking forward to 2012!

01 Ontario, Canada_1136

1. Beachborough, Ontario, Canada

02 New River Gorge, West Virginia_1866_7_8

2. New River Gorge, West Virginia

03 Illinois_0215

3. Hinsdale, Illinois

04 Chickadee, South Korea_3508

4. Chickadee, South Korea

05 Incheon, South Korea_5104

5. Incheon, South Korea

06 Apple Orchard Falls, Virginia_6878

6. Apple Orchard Falls, Virginia

07 Clingmans Dome, North Carolina_9419

7. Clingmans Dome, North Carolina

08 Wolf Lake, Michigan_0780

8. Wolf Lake, Michigan

09. Northwoods Conference Center, Michigan_2920

9. Northwoods Conference Center, Michigan

10 Wilkes Wedding, Maryland_4713

10. Wilkes Wedding, Maryland

11 Roserito, Mexico_5877

11. Rosarito, Mexico

12 Frederick Oberlin Bridge, Connecticut_7527_8_9_2

12. Frederick Oberlin Covered Bridge, Connecticut

13 East Rock Ridge State Park, Connecticut_7570_1_2

13. East Rock Ridge State Park, Connecticut

14 New Haven Light, Connecticut_7713

14. New Haven Lighthouse, Connecticut

Kent Falls State Park - CT

15. Kent Falls, Connecticut

16 Jaycox Wedding, Indiana_8786

16. Jaycox Wedding, Indiana

17 Multnoma Falls, Oregon_9502

17. Multnoma Falls, Oregon

Shore Acres State Park - OR

18. Shore Acres State Park, Oregon

19 Battle Rock Beach, Oregon_0590

19. Battle rock Beach, Oregon

20 Redwood Forest, California_0860

20. Redwood Forest, California

Crystal Lake - CA

21. Crystal Lake, California

22 Mamoth Mountain, California_2950

22. Mammoth Mountain, California

23 Duck Lake, California_3131

23. Duck Lake, California

24 Crater Lake, Oregon_3383

24. Crater Lake, Oregon

25 Home Sweet Home, West Virginia_5387

25. Home Sweet Home, West Virginia

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  1. Chelsea N.

    I have too many favorites in this collection!! 😀 They’re all so pretty!

  2. Bethany P.

    Wow! Those are all so nice…I think my favorites are 3, 6 and 25 =)

  3. James Staddon

    Thank ya’ll for your comments! This very well might help me choose the next 12 pictures for the 2013 calendar. 🙂

  4. Bethany

    Oops…I forgot one — I also really like 20! It’s neat how you got the sun shining through the trees!

    God’s creation is truly marvelous!

  5. Sarah

    I have to many favorites there all so pretty good work James!

  6. Jessica

    What beautiful pictures!! Quite lenspiring. 🙂


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