Pic of the Month: June ‘12

by | Jul 17, 2012 | Pic of the Month | 1 comment

I can’t believe half a month passed before I realized I hadn’t posted a June Pic of the Month! Better late than never!

Keep Searching

Korean Sunset

I didn’t spend a whole lot of time doing landscape photography during my time in South Korea this spring. There are a number of reasons why, including a hefty amount of design projects to be done in the IBLP Korea office, but the main reason was because most of the sunrises and sunsets were identical with very little variation like the image above. But just because they were always the same didn’t mean they weren’t special. There’s something fantastic and mysteriously unique, more easily perceived than described, about the beginning and ending of each day in the Far East.

On a typical morning, a heavy mist blankets the land until the sun burns it all off by 10:00. On a typical evening, not a cloud can be seen in the sky, but a thick layer of haze hangs on the horizon to eat the sun long before it actually sets. This phenomenon turns the flat, evening sky into a mysterious pink and purple sheet that is fascinating to behold though deceivingly difficult to photograph.

The similarity of each morning and evening posed a unique challenge for photography. It required me to do a lot more scouting in search for good foreground components. It motivated me to climb more mountains, bike further than before (biking is better than public transportation), find more trailheads and take more back roads. It was tremendous fun biking for miles in all directions from the office on my spare time, and though I didn’t find very many amazing spots in the highly populated suburbs of Seoul, I deem my time was well spent in seeking the “perfect picture” that I never found. Perhaps it’s better that way; it keeps me searching!

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  1. Barbara

    This picture looks familiar…. like I could have taken it here in Taiwan. I know what you mean about looking for that “perfect picture” that doesn’t present itself. I’ve tried all year to get a good one, with no success. Really though, your shot has a serenity to it that makes it a little intriguing. Great job James!


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